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Mother´s Day

Let’s Celebrate mom mexican style!

We invite you to treat your mom to a delicious 5 course meal this Sunday. This meal will be one of a kind, prepared by our mother chef Maria Gutierrez. Don’t worry we will let Maria do what she does best then afterwards we will spoil her. 

This menu was designed for you to use the Queso Fresco you made at home, if you did not watch our video click on this link to spend some time with Mom and cook your own Queso Fresco,

if not, don’t worry, we will give you everything you need to treat Mom like a Queen on Sunday!


Here is our 5 Course Meal:


1st Course

Torta de Papa

Crispy potato patty,  guacamole, with finish with your homeade queso fresco


4th Course (option 1)

Taco de Camarón

Harina flat, tiger shrimp, creama, black beans, avocado, finish with your homemade queso fresco


2nd Course


Corn, epazote, mayonaise, lime and chile piquin finish with your homemade queso fresco


4th Course (option 2)

Taco de Arrachera

Corn flat, arrachera style steak, salsa, tangy onions and peppers finish with your homemade queso fresco


3th Course


Corn flat, black beans, chorizo, serrano pepper, finish with your homemade queso fresco


5th Course

Paraíso de Chocolate

& Galletitas

Chocolate pudding, dark cacao, mexican shortbread, azuca

Keep in mind our Hand Crafted Margaritas when you place your order!


Happy Mother’s Day

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