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Throughout years Malinalli Tenépatl", aka "La Malinche", has suffered such a treacherous image in Mexico. La Malinche was the woman that facilitated the Spanish expedition to what nowadays days is Mexico City, her linguistic talent allowed her to serve as a translator for Hernán Cortés, El Conquistador.​

We decided to name our Restaurant Malinche in her honor, we look forward to celebrating women and the birth of our Mexican culture. La Malinche was a very smart woman, open to the surprising events that life offered. She was a forgiving soul and committed to her people; values that we promote within our restaurant.​

La Malinche is the origin of our miscegenation, she represents the birth of what we know today as Mexico and; to offer our diners a Mexican Culinary experience it is important to recognize that Mexican culture is a fusion of Spain and the Indigenism of America. What a better character than Malinche? The mother of all Mexicans, to share the traditions and delights of our Mexican culture.

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