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Throughout years Malinalli Tenépatl", aka "La Malinche", has suffered such a treacherous image in Mexico. La Malinche was the woman that facilitated the Spanish expedition to what nowadays days is Mexico City, her linguistic talent allowed her to serve as a translator for Hernán Cortés, El Conquistador.​

We decided to name our Restaurant Malinche in her honor, we look forward to celebrating women and the birth of our Mexican culture. La Malinche was a very smart woman, open to the surprising events that life offered. She was a forgiving soul and committed to her people; values that we promote within our restaurant.​

La Malinche is the origin of our miscegenation, she represents the birth of what we know today as Mexico and; to offer our diners a Mexican Culinary experience it is important to recognize that Mexican culture is a fusion of Spain and the Indigenism of America. What a better character than Malinche? The mother of all Mexicans, to share the traditions and delights of our Mexican culture.

Go to our Menu page to find out about our collaboration with El Farolito, a famous Taqueria in Mexico that has been serving customers since 1962.

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